Our Process

From your very first contact with us, we guide you through a straight-forward process to engage LinGrand and outsource your help desk.

On-Boarding Overview

The purpose of our on-boarding process is to provide you with a predictable, repeatable process. We follow structured steps so that you know what you can expect when you engage LinGrand and we can know what is expected of us when we put together a proposal and ultimately a contract for you.

The success of implementing the help desk outsourcing service will only be as good as the resources you and LinGrand dedicate to it. We understand that partnering with you is the key to your successful outsourced effort. We will draw upon our skill-sets and experience with numerous implementations to bring you industry best practices and facilitate a smooth transition. We ask you to recognize that outsourcing is not a "cure-all" for shortfalls that may exist in your IT support structure; rather, it takes hard work from both of us to make sure we continually improve your customer service experience.

On-Boarding Process

1. Initial Call

In our initial call we want to understand what your challenges are, what your objectives are; essentially what you are trying to accomplish and why you are looking to outsource the help desk. At a minimum we need to understand:

  • The monthly volume
  • Hours of coverage
  • What we will be supporting

2. Discovery

The Discovery uses the initial call to drill a little deeper with you and involves either additional calls or visits to identify what you are doing now, what processes you have, what’s working, what’s not, and what your objectives are in order to submit a Proposal to you.

3. Proposal

The Proposal reflects our understanding of your challenges and objectives from the initial call and Discovery. We then outline the service and cost of addressing those challenges and objectives through the help desk outsourcing service.

4. Contract

Once you have approved the Proposal, then we create the Statement of Work (SOW) and Help Desk Outsourcing Agreement (HDOA). The SOW outlines the scope of the help desk outsourcing services with pricing and the HDOA is the legal agreement that references the SOW.

5. Implementation

Following your signature on an agreement with GHDSi, we begin the implementation phase. The length of the implementation phase varies depending upon your specific requirements. On average, your help desk outsourcing service can be up and running in less than 30-60 days. We’ve done some in as little as two days and others that are more complex and take 120 days. You will find our implementation process one that is simple and facilitates a quality and efficient support structure for your environment.

  • IDENTIFY - We begin by performing due diligence and fact finding with you to identify all the systems and processes that the outsourcing services will affect. We partner with you to identify current strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement in the current support structure. You share with us your expectations and we document them according to the categories of services to be provided. Business rules are identified that currently prioritize the daily workload. This is your most important phase of the project because planning, both strategic and short-term, is key to high ROI.
    Deliverable: (Service Levels).
  • DEFINE - Next we work together to begin defining everyday call workflow processes and the needed resources to work within those processes. But first, defining service levels by categories of calls and severity impact to your environment must be documented. After defining your caller's expectations, the project team designs the processes to meet those expectations.
    Deliverable: (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • IMPLEMENT - The new support structure will be implemented by having all phases of support tasks, activities and training completed by the agreed upon start date.
    Deliverable: (Communications Plan)
  • REVIEW - Here we work to evaluate the effectiveness and measure the efficiencies of the implemented support structure for the first 30 to 90 days. Surveys can be brought about to measure customer satisfaction with the new support structure. Questions that are typically asked include: Are customer expectations being met and/or exceeded? Does the new support structure provide time-to-resolves that aid in the reduction of downtime?
    Deliverable: (Metrics and Reporting)
  • MAINTAIN - During the lifetime of the partnership, our support team will work with you to facilitate continuous improvement initiatives. You are assigned a Relationship Advocate. This individual is your single point of contact (SPOC) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Any issues, concerns or praises regarding our service can be addressed immediately with this individual. The Relationship Advocate sets the meeting frequency with your team and reviews the reports generated for the service provided. The relationship advocate our Quality Assurance (QA) team, and all operational management engage in a proactive effort to improve your customer service experience.
    Deliverable: (Quality Assurance)

6. Go Live

The Go-Live date is set in the contract and is the date we begin taking your first calls. The Implementation project plan is centered on starting the outsourcing service on this Go-Live date.

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