About Us

LinGrand Help Desk Services provides you with help desk outsourcing services.

Our Focus

LinGrand Help Desk Services provides help desk outsourcing services. That is 100% of our focus. You can use us to be the first point of contact for your employees and/or customers to handle technical issues, resolve problems, and escalate those things that can’t be resolved at the help desk.

Your outsourced help desk will give you the freedom to focus on your core competencies while giving your employees or customers a pleasant, satisfying help desk experience.

About Us

What We Believe

Today’s customer service industry accepts “indifference” and “impatience” as the norm. This is evidenced every time you are switched through multiple telephone menus only to reach voicemail, to have someone “not listen to you”, or to be disconnected.

“Patience” and “customer concern” must be restored to your customer service experience.

We believe this is best accomplished through a team who is able to meet your needs by “listening to your concerns” and understanding your heart, leaving you with a pleasant experience and resolution to your problem.